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A Brand keeps its promises

Promises are either kept or broken, there is nothing in between. We ensure your company’s promise is realized at all touch points and implement the key four elements to successful brand building:

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The Little J Approach

Business Image Evaluation

We take a hands-on approach with our clients by thoroughly evaluating your company’s image, which is a perception of your company’s promise (this may be accurate or include misperceptions). The Business Image Evaluation focuses on today’s reality.

Business Identity Exercise

After the Business Image Evaluation, we launch out into what your company aspires to become. This exercise focuses on a future desired reality. We develop and deploy a plan to deliver your company’s desired identity.

Copy Strategies and Writing

Effective, lead-generating copywriting that results in new business are critically important for your success. Companies often make the mistake of over-messaging features instead of benefits. A feature is what your company can offer to a prospective client. A benefit is why the prospective client would want what your company can offer. If superior insight is the key to winning new business, then it’s not enough to learn what somebody does, you need to understand why they do it.
Through our Buyer’s Personas and Buyer’s Journey analysis, we develop copy strategies for your key targets and prime prospects with compelling and well articulated benefits. We also learn when (the average purchase decision in your industry’s key moments) and where (the best touch points) to reach your key targets.
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